“Marriages are made in heaven” so goes the famous saying. When it comes to really getting married on earth, the preparations one has to do make look like a war preparations! The’things to do’ task sometime have to be written on a page as long as 10 feet, if not longer.
The list starts of, typically with the marriage venue, date so on and so forth. However, one of the most important items on that list has to be identifying the right wedding photographer Melbourne. Needless to say, lot of importance is being given now-a-days, for the planning and preparation for the photo shoot.
Wedding day will come and go and so does the guests; but what remains for the rest of one’s life is those wonderful movements captured on the lens which one cherishes for the rest of life.
How to identify
Wedding photographs are not just for past remembrance, though, going through your old photographs brings back the nostalgia. It is a permanent record of events of one the most important day in your life.
While you are taking care of the rest of the items on the long list that you have prepared, do spend some time on selecting the right photographer for the occasion. Here are few things you must mull over before you pick up the phone and make that call; 

• Person or the company you are hiring are passionate about what they do and not just treat it as a job
• They understand the trade well and blend the modern techniques and methods with a bit of the traditional and old school thinking to make their work more creative
• Photography is not just about shooting the moment using technical brilliance alone but also capturing the human emotions as naturally as possible
• Wedding is an event and hence a good photographer not only captures the events that unfold but becomes a good story teller
• Spending few hours discussing the entire marriage event perhaps, even visiting the place where the marriage is taking place gives you a good insight on how the person would do his job
• Hiring one of the best in the industry is an obvious choice; but it is your wedding and taking a personal interest in understanding how the event will be captured will ensure utmost satisfaction.
The digital technology has taken our world by storm and imaging and photography too have undergone tremendous technological change to make the photographs look stunning not just today but for ages to come.
Imagine sitting on that veranda surrounded by your grand children who are going gaga at how and your loved one looked on that wedding photograph! Your chest will swell with pride, surely.