Faced with the question of what you will do in the future, you are considering all your options. You have perhaps just left school or just graduated from university, now you have this nagging question about what will you do? How do you find a job that suits you best in terms of your educational background, any work experience, your likes and dislikes and personality? What are some of the options that are open to you? The question to really ask yourself is what do you enjoy doing the most and what comes naturally to you?

Career options

If you’ve always wanted to become a flight attendant and you love flying and you really enjoyed that waitressing job, then find out more about how to become a flight attendant. You might as well send in your CV to several airlines and see if any there are any vacancies. If you have always enjoyed photography and you have borrowed your dad’s digital cameras to take some great shots, you could do a red epic hire and do some impressive work which you can enclose with your CV to photographic companies.

Get the qualifications

Depending on the career you want to pursue, find out what qualifications or training you will need to get the kind of job you seek. If you want to be in the hospitality industry for example, there are good hotel management courses you can do locally and overseas. Find one that would give you the training you need. For academic courses, contact several universities and find the most suitable degree that will allow you to get that job you are dreaming of. Check also whether an undergraduate degree would be sufficient or whether you would need to go onto do a postgraduate degree.

Work experience

In certain fields especially, work experience is crucial to finding the right job and as you study or train it would be great if you can find some casual work experience or you could perhaps look for an internship. If you want to pursue a career in photography for example, you could approach a reputed photographer and show them a sample of the impressive photos you took with your red epic hire in Sydney and ask them whether you could do an internship with them. With the work force being very competitive these days, remember to have a proactive approach.

Try it out!

Everything may not work out exactly as you imagine as you start working in your chosen field, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t find complete satisfaction with your first job. It will be great if you do, but if not, just keep looking till you find the right one for you, but avoid the temptation to jump from job to job like a leap frog! Give it enough time and effort and if it doesn’t still fulfill your dreams then while you are working look for that job that appeals to you and you will find it soon enough!