For the kind of shots one takes in a corporate video production exercise to be outstanding, one must have a well set shooting plan, which will help avoid hasty taking of shots, which end up undermining the quality of work achieved. Work done with no plan end up being a mess instead of a success, therefore every course of duty calls up for an outstanding plan, in a bid to realize exemplary and exceptional achievement. While planning to take shots it is important to bear in mind some criteria that will help lay out the way forward for greater achievements. Here are some of them. 
Being time conscious. One has to stick to the timeline he/she has stipulated to take a particular shot. If one had decided that at a particular time the activity to be undertaken will this, one must stick to it to avoid collision with execution of other activities.Constant change of time schedule does not auger well with a shooting activity, since what has been planned may end up missing if it only appears at a specific time of the day. This means that the story line may fail to be achieved because of a simple mistake of failing to stick to time. At the same vein, it is important to stick to the duration a particular shot should take. If the planned time for a particular shot is eight seconds, one has to stick to that to avoid eating into the time of another shot. Simple miscalculation may tantamount into colossal time mismanagement which end up affecting the plan adversely. The same case should apply in an animation studio, the moment the animator sets aside a particular amount of time to execute a particular activity, he/she must execute in that particular time to bit the deadline of the work accordingly. 

Another thing to bear in mind is having all the facilities and equipment required in place. For a shooting plan to be successful, one should get everything required available to avoid delays and postponement of some activities. Equipment such as camera, tripod, tapes, lighting facilities, experts and talents should be available when needed. Failure to have them creates a situation of confusion, time wastages and delayed beating of the deadline. All this do not conform well to the shooting exercise and it is therefore paramount for one to ensure he/she has got everything required for the plan to be a success. In cases where the production is sponsored by an advertiser, especially in the case of web video production, there might be a breach of the contract arising from delays brought about by lack of beating the deadline on time, which may be caused by simple things like failing to have the required facilities at the time they are needed. Take a look at this site, for more review about web video production in Sydney.
In extension, understanding the legal formalities of a particular locality is also important to avoid being at the loggerheads with the authorities of that area. One should be well versed with the requirements of the law, since it might proof hard to shot in a particular area without the permission of the authority. One should therefore follow all the laid regulations in order to achieve what she/he wants.