Running a company is a very tedious task with so many things to do every day. The business has to survive and your employees are counting on the continuous existence of the company for their livelihood. That puts enormous pressure on the management and if a sole proprietorship, the owner. Everybody looks up to the management to make things right with the company.
That is why any task that may end up feeling like a waste of useful time is not to be encouraged. Welcoming employees into your organization may be seem like a waste of time if employees have to be made to repeat one the same thing over and over to different groups. However, employee orientation is very important to your company but it doesn’t have to be boring. That is why getting a corporate video that is used in the orientation is a better idea than to have employees give dry talk.
Preparing for the video
The human resource department should be in charge of this although they will be working with other employees from other department. The team has to first of all decide what should go into the video.

Company History: You may want to add things like the history of the company. How the company was created and who were the founding founders.
Brief on founders: here you can put up the profile of the founders and give a brief discussion on who they are, their academic background and marital status. Also have one for the executive directors who run the company on a daily basis.
Milestones: It should also have the different milestones in the life of the company and how it got to where it is today.
What the company does: you have to include information about the main activities of the company and any side activities. Also include the core policies like mission and vision and any code of conduct.
Departments: take a brief tour of the different departments of the company and explain briefly what they do. Pay more attention to the core activities of the company

Getting the video
This will require sourcing for a video production service that will be willing to provide their services for your company. Ask around and shortlist more than one provider. Ask them to send their quotes that will show the service they are going to provide and what is included. Once you have settled for a particular service provider, arrange a day for the crew to come in and do their coverage. Don’t forget to tell the employees when the crew will be coming in. remember that it may take more than a day or two to complete coverage.