With everything going mobile and with the emerging fame of social networks as a great marketing tool, video marketing is absolutely gaining prominence for linking brands to their target markets. Use this site to know more on the future of video marketing. 
Approximately 45% of internet users watch at least one online video per month, and the number is expected to reach 55% in the next year. By 2017, the number is expected to soar by 74 percent. 
Video has the distinctive knack to cut through the digital blare. Via appealing to multiple senses, video can control a viewer’s full attention. In just a few seconds, a video can successfully express an intricate message that would take paragraphs to transverse in a blog post or text email.
Here are some of the trends in video marketing that would certainly encourage you to invest in the power of a well-crafted and highly-engaging video:
Trend #1: Drawn-out videos and lengthy advertisements are a no-no. The shorter the message, the more impacting it would be to the audience.
Trend #2: Video content would matter more now. From the video titles, video summary, and the video text descriptions should all be SEO-optimized, adding the fact that graphics and illustrations must have a good impact and relevance to the topic being discussed.Trend #3: Games, surveys, and social sharing buttons are now additional features of videos that would make them interactive and more engaging for the viewers.
Trend #4: Ecommerce and art are bound to marry as visitors would now be given the ability to shop through videos (while listening to great music videos).
Trend #5: Videos will help in making the brands cultivate better relationships with their customers as video storylines will become even more customized and moving.
Trend #6: Expect to see a lot of high class business video production incorporate videos in their homepages. It is a proven fact that videos in a website’s home page increase conversion rates by 20%.
Trend #7: Explainer and tutorial videos are great ways of educating target audiences. Customers now rely more on the how-to videos that can be found on the brand’s website (or YouTube videos) than on the manuals included in the products.
Trend #8: Videos tinged with humour elements succeed more as compared to the more formal ones.
Trend #9: Short form videos like GIFs will soar higher.
Trend #10: Along with having responsive websites, companies will now prioritize creating mobile video ads.
Trend #11: Personal video sharing would gain more fame and people will find this means an easier way to connect with families and friends.
The popularity of online videos goes beyond entertainment and leisure. Videos have demonstrated the ability to effectively help businesses in marketing their brands. The world has become technologically dependent and multi-tasking in many ways has enabled people hyper connect with the world and perform as many activities as they can in a minimum span of time. With this, a video production company like Free Lane Media, has figured out the best way of engaging audiences via the use of video marketing. Check their website and find out they successfully craft commanding content, simplify complex ideas, and turn them into creative and compelling materials.